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Character Q & A meme

Stolen from:

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Have them answer the following questions as best they can.
3. Tag three people... or not!

* * *

My characters chosen:
- Dr. Bluemind-Dawn, travelling cybog dolphin (nixie) xenobiologist known for her publications on ocean planets and their ecologies
- Captain Darridan, enigmatic master of the Outsider Grand Liner Rhubarb Sky
- High Cantor Hieronymus Aum, high-ranking member of the Gaian cult, suffering from the final stages of Mother Nature's Plague

* * *

1. How old are you?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: 318 standard years, although my subjective age is significantly less as I've spent much time in cryogenic sleep during my travels across the Human Bubble.
Captain Darridan: The age of my current primary body is 87 years, shiptime. I've had many bodies before this one, some of which are still active and serve secondary purposes. As for my memories... Let's just say that some of them are quite ancient.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Years are of no importance, dumpling. Not when your body is full of Mother Nature's love and glory. I have been around for a while, though. Long enough to know a thing or two on how you seek ways to shackle your thoughts with such imaginary constructs as time...

2. Do you have any bad habits?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: I used to put slow-burning drug cartridges in my blowhole after particularly long dives. I still do, sometimes.
Captain Darridan: I have several habits, most of which break social norms somewhere in the Human Bubble. I myself consider none of them "bad".
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Not anymore. Mother Nature guides my actions and I am now filled with Her wisdom.

3. Are you a virgin?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: What an impolite question. I value my privacy enough not to answer this one.
Captain Darridan: My current body lacks reproductive organs. Many of my personality components have first-hand memories regarding sexual encounters. With both sexes.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Haha! No.

4. Who's your mate/spouse?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: I've had several, including two humans. None since I began my travels.
Captain Darridan: No-one. Emotional attacments would hamper my performance as the Captain of the Rhubarb Sky.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Mother Nature is the only spouse I need. She is my Mother, My Father and my Mate. Now and forever. One day, I will become part of Her and help the next generation of Gaian prieshood to earn Her grace.

5.What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: Salted Fish. Humans may find this hard to grasp.
Captain Darridan: This one is chocolate.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Whatever you want it to be, dumpling...

6. Have you killed anyone?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: No, I haven't... Although I could name a few I would've wanted to.
Captain Darridan: Several times. Most of them brought it all upon themselves. And they were the lucky ones.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Does it really matter? Death is just part of the Cycle...

7. Do you hate anyone?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: There are several people I strongly dislike. But hate? No, I don't think so... Well, there might be a few in my past, but I'd like to leave them behind for good.
Captain Darridan: None of them lives anymore.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Of course not, you silly thing! How could I ever hate anyone, when I am filled with only love and goodwill?

8. Do you love anyone?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: I'd want to...
Captain Darridan: No. Emotional attacments would hamper my performance as the Captain of the Rhubarb Sky.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: I love the whole world, and all its caziness...

9. Do you have any children?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: Three. I've seen none of them in well over a century.
Captain Darridan: No.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: I'm not even keeping track anymore.

10. What is your job?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: I am a freelance xenobiologist. I work for whoever is willing to pay me, and I get royalties from all the books I've written. My most frequent employer is the Aurelian Technocracy.
Captain Darridan: I am the lord and master of the Grand Liner Rhubarb Sky. It goes wherever I will it to go. We are explorers, traders, pirates and mercenaries - whatever suits our needs best at any given moment.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: I am the High Cantor of the Gaians. I listen to Mother Nature's Song and relay it to others. I help them feel Her love and glory.

11. Boy or girl?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: Female.
Captain Darridan: My current body may appear male but is effectively genderless. I have memories of life as a male, a female and a genderqueer.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Boy. But it doesn't need to matter!

12. What do you do to relax?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: I enjoy reading, movies and intelligent company. Sometimes, I just swim in alien oceans under strange skies, without aim or obligations.
Captain Darridan: I am incapable of stressing out, so I don't really have need for relaxation. During particularly long intrestellar journeys, I usually play complex virtual RPGs with my crew and the shipboard AIs.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Do you really want to know, dumpling...? That's what I thought.

13. What song do you think will describe yourself?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: "A Return to the Sea" by Nightwish
Captain Darridan: There is one, but I doubt you could understand the meaning. I'll pass this one.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Hee hee. "The Fat Man" by Fats Domino.

14. Any hidden talents no-one knows about you?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: When I am out of the water, I can play piano quite well.
Captain Darridan: Too many to list, and I'm learning more every day.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: I'm a good dancer. No, really, I am.

15. What do you think of your creator?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: I am not religious. As for the human scientists who created my ancestors over a millennium ago... I have no idea what were they thinking.
Captain Darridan: At this moment, you are aware of my existence only as a continuum of meaningful symbols presented to you in non-corporeal format. The synaptic image of me you have in your mind is just an ordered biochemical structure. Does that make you my creator? Or perhaps you mean the originator of those symbols? What do you think? Does that make your experience more real than mine?
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Heh. I just LOVE my creator.

16. What color is your hair?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: I have no body hair.
Captain Darridan: Me neither.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Surprise! I don't have any hair either!

17. What color are your eyes?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: My eyes are cybernetic implants. They don't really have any color.
Captain Darridan: Jet black.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: Sky blue.

18. What do you usually dream about?
Dr. Bluemind-Dawn: I have one particular recurring dream, where I suddenly find myself in a human's body. I can't walk properly and I keep toppling over. It's very embarrassing.
Captain Darridan: Whatever I want to dream about. I have full control over my dreams.
High Cantor Hieronymus Aum: I dream what Mother Nature wills. Tonight, I hope, I'm going to dream about YOU!

Well, that's all for now, folks! Thank you for your time!

* * *

I tag: :icontyrannos: :iconavaruus-apina: :iconneenya:

...And of course, feel free to steal.

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